Welcome to Trymax

Our core business is to support semiconductor manufacturers throughout the world with innovative solutions for plasma based, photo resist removal and surface cleaning equipment, as well as isotropic etch systems that are used in the fabrication of integrated circuits and other semiconductor devices.

Trymax Semiconductor Equipment BV manufactures, sells and supports its own NEO equipment range. A wide range of different NEO platforms are available, from single chamber semi-automatic tools, through to multi chamber high volume manufacturing platforms. Trymax offers a number of different NEO process chambers which are configurable across all NEO platforms. This enables Trymax to offer an extremely wide range of different etch, strip and surface modification process capability.

Trymax Semiconductor Equipment BV is a privately held company.  Trymax has been on operation since 2003 and has its registered headquarters in Nijmegen, the Netherlands. We are ISO-9001 accredited and operate on a global basis, supporting our customers who operate across Europe, Asia and America.